Friday, July 20, 2007

The Magic Numbers

I took this photo with my iPhone. I have been waiting for this mileage for a long time. Today is the greatest day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My old phone

I just sold my old Verizon LG phone on Ebay. To prepare it for shipping I have been cleaning out the old contacts, mail, photos, etc. As I went through the text messages I found a few that I had kept. Here they are for my memory and your viewing pleasure.

June 15 2005- From Jamie: She just crawled!
She is my daughter and she was born Dec 2 2004. You do the math.

June 22 2005- From Jamie: Jesse's car wasn't really stolen after all. He just forgot where he parked it.

Jan 24 2006- From Ian: I just drank a quart of chocolate milk. Why did I do that? The world may never know.

Jan 25 2006- From Ian: I had college last night. I cooked and ate your whole family last night. Isn't that great!
Click here to learn what Ian is referring to.

Jan 25 2006- From Jamie: Today is national good looking person day. Send this to someone gorgeous. Don't send it back to me. I've received hundreds!

April 12 2006- From Josh: There was a bee flying close to me and I saw it poop!

Ang 30 2006- From Jamie: Someone filled the fountain with soap again.

Oct 5 2006- From Josh: Interesting wallpaper you picked for my computer.
The story behind this one is I borrowed a laptop from Josh for a while. One night when friends of ours babysat Rachel, we came home to find David Hasselhoff as the wallpaper on the laptop. The babysitter left us a priceless picture. We left the wallpaper on the computer when I gave the computer back to Josh.

Nov 1 2006- From Jamie: I just saw a license plate that said "In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned."

March 31 2007- Corey T: I am watching u - I am on special assignment for CJ - u better be reverent.
I was at general conference when I got this text message. Corey is a counselor in the elder's quorum.