Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Not Buy This House

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is up with you Magnitude?

I don't write much here anymore. I use to write to fill a need I had inside to express myself. I guess that need has been gone for a while.

We cut our land line. I know that a lot of people have done it, but I never thought I would. Our old line was payed for by Wife's old job. When Wife was let go by her crazy old boss, we lost the need for all the bells and whistles on the phone. We down graded to the basic phone. If we cut our land line we would have to pay four extra dollars for our DSL. After a few weeks of basic phone and still not receiving any calls like normal, Wife realized that we should just save the ten dollars we are spending on a phone. So we did. I made sure to re-register our numbers to the do-not-call list. I don't want marketers calling our cell phones or calling us period. Now that we have no land line.... we still receive no calls. Losers!!

I go golfing every few weeks with my brother and father-in-law. I am really enjoying it. Golf is a fun game. Before six months ago, I only played twice a year. During the summer I committed to myself to play every month. I have played almost every month since then. I invited my older brother to play with my dad in law an I. I didn't know if he played, but I thought he might want to go. We have gone twice and plan to go in two weeks. The three of us have a really good time and I look forward to the next outing.