Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The iPhone in two days

Yes, I am planning on getting in line for the iPhone. I am going into work a few hours early so I can get out early. The stores close down at 4:30 and reopen at 6:00. At the witching hour only iPhone customers will be served. Jamie and I will be getting an iPhone and a Palm Treo 680. I am excited about my phone and Jamie is excited about hers. I know the bill is great but that is the reason I sold out my blog to sponsored posts. I have made over $400 bucks doing it. We need to sacrifice some things to get other things. BTW, I am still waiting for pants peed stories. See previous post.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog Traffic

One thing that baffles me about Pay Per Post is it's business model. Is it an advertising company or a link service? PPP has companies come to them in order to get bloggers to write about products and set links up. One of the basic laws of the internet is the more links you have to your site, the more search engines will find your site. I venture to say that it is a link service.

In essence I guess PPP is both. I don't know how many people who read blogs really go to the advertised sites, but I do know that with all the links there will be a lot more people to find the companies through search engines.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Spy show are cool (Burn Notice)

Here I am again making a video. I am sure you are sick of seeing my face on my blog. I don't blame you. There is a new show about a CIA agent on the USA network. The show is called Burn Notice; that is kind of a silly name, but we will see if it is a silly show. Over the years USA has made some good shows. The one I know the best is Monk. Spy shows are cool most of the time, so check out USA Network's Burn Notice.

A week left

The iPhone is coming out in a week and half. I have been working on the side for this phone for the last couple of months. Frankly, I am sure you are tired of hearing about it and I am tired of talking about it. I just want to go the next week without hearing about it. I just want to live one day where I don't think about the 29th. I know the once I get the phone the excitement will come back to me. Then a few days later my excitement will be gone. That is the way of electronics.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Friends on the Road.

I nearly never see people I know in the road. Driving a scooter requires all my attention not allowing me the pleasure of staring people down while driving. I actualy don't stare because I hate it when others do it. Just keep you eyes on the road and stop looking at me you freaks... Well anyway, while driving to work on Wednesday I saw a green Civic in front of me. The person waved at me, so I pulled up next to him. It was Brock S. I talked to him for a second waiting for the light to turn green. I thought that was a once in a blue moon thing (there was a blue moon on May 31 by the way). On Thursday the blue moon came back. Again, while going to work just after pulling out of my complex, I was driving and a truck pulled up in my left and honked. Inside was my friend CJ. Crazy eh!

FYI, I am breaking my one sponsored post a day rule now because I need to pay for the boy scout pledge. Breaking it just this once though. The rule is subject to change at any time.

Boy Scout Pledge.

About three months at church, a member of the bishopric stood up in priesthood and made an announcement. He spoke about the Friends of Scouting program. This program is very simple. Once a year, the scouts ask all their would be friends to give money to support there dubious activities. During the announcement I thought, "I am going to fill this out because if I don't Jamie will got on me". I took a pledge form and filled it out for a million dollars (I am not going to tell you my real donation amount, I am not a donate and tell). So like I said, that was a few months ago. So yesterday, we get in the mail the donation form to send in with the money I pledged. And to my surprise Jamie said "This is the forth time they have sent us this. I am not giving them money when we can't pay our own bills".

Well, it goes to show that when one tries to anticipate what his wife wants done, the wrong option is picked. I guess I have to pay this pledge with my iPhone money. I made the pledge and I plan on keeping my commitment.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Besides being addicted to technology, I am addicted to good Japanese cartoons. About 12 years ago I was first introduced to Dragonball. I don't know how I first stumbled across it, but I grew to love it. I love DB because it was funny and different. There were scenes of the Goku peeing in the background and other goofy things. I didn't care for the peeing specifically, I was interested in the different style of making a cartoon that the Japanese had. You would never find something like a character peeing in an American cartoon. My favorite part thought is the fighting. I am a sucker for a good fight scene. So, naturally I was ecstatic to find out about Dragon Ball Z. This show is all about fighting. So, I watched episodes when ever I could. Well, fast forward to now. My current favorite cartoon is Naruto. I found it on Youtube. I first started to notice it as I was looking through the most watched videos. There would be Naruto clips, but I wouldn't watch them because they weren't in English. One day, I decided to watch a clip and I found it interesting. This was a few months ago. So, two weeks ago I had some free time, so I looked Naruto up and watched the first few episodes. Now I am hooked and I can watch all the episodes I want on-line. I love the internet. Click here to see the first 89 episodes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Reading a Book

Yes, it is true! I am reading a book. This is the first book I have picked up for over three years. The literature that hits my hands is usually car and computer nerd magazines. The last two weeks was made up of a break I had between spring finals and summer school. I decided to take that time to start a book. Knowing full well that I won't finish it before school started again, my courage took me to venture on the task anyway. Life of Pi is an interesting read so far. More info will follow as I read more.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A New Blog

A buddy of mine has started his own blog. We will call him Brandon G to protect his identity. I have known him since my sophomore year in high school, about twelve years ago. He served in the second best mission in the world and is living in my ward. Or I am living in his ward...whatever. The site is or click here to go to the site. If you read his second post, you will see how full of himself he is. I don't think a person can like two things at the same time, but he claims to like over fifteen things. Preposterous!
We will see if he is serious about blogging as time goes by. My bro-in-law lasted all of one post, and my buddy Geoff G lasted two posts. If Brandon G can last up to five posts, I will be very proud of him. He is bigger then me, so I hope he doesn't read this or I am sure he will pummel me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer School (La de freakin dahhh)

Summer school starts next week and I am freakin excited. There is nothing I am more excited about. This last week of no homework has been growling. Why do I have to live any part of my life with out homework? I so looking forward to spend ten weeks of my Summer inside absorbing thrilling info from professors who haven't seen the light of day in years. Oh, what joy shall fill my bosom when I get to gaze into the eyes of wonderful professors for over four hours a day. Why would I give a flaming poop about the beach or a nice round of golf? It is pure crap if you ask me. Give me a good business book and no fun and I am set. This summer will be amazing.