Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gay cars of the day

Toyota van with Dual Exhaust... GAY!

Dodge Stratus with a spoiler... GAY!!

The Ever-lasting Five Head....

Like a ninja I stocked my prey to bring you these photos. I found this rare specimen of comb-over man at the Wild Animal Park. Take a closer look...

Let me draw your attention to the pony tail. Very Rare!!

Notice how the tight the hair is against his head. Very Rare!!

Now you can see where the comb-over starts. Very Rare!!

This one may be harder to see. Look closely and you will enjoy his everlasting five head.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almost done with school

I graduated from CSUSM yesterday. This is one of my greatest accomplishments. I have been in college for about eight years. I have changed majors, failed and retaken classes, taken time off for family. I am done with CSUSM, but I still have some lower division classes to finish before getting my diploma. I am doing those at the junior college.

I had plenty of family that came to the graduation ceremony. The only problem is I didn't see anyone there before the ceremony or after. So there isn't much in the ways of pictures to remember the event. Without the help of pictures I want to list off the people that came to support me.

-My wife for makeing it a great day
-Rachel for being three and fun
-The Truman family for coming out from the desert
-My Parents
-Ian and Katy
-Dave and Karen for letting me use their house for the party
-Papa J, Leah, and Mack for coming out from LA
-Jesse and Difudifu and Elizabeth
-Solano family for coming to the party

Here are the people I don't want to thank:

-Wes for not coming to my wedding reception or graduation.
-TC and Beth
-Any friend that I have known for more then ten years that didn't call or come.

Up yours.