Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Little About Me

Today I went golfing with my brother who is three years older then me.

Over the last eight years we have become some what friends. Seeing that I am almost thirty, that makes two thirds of the time we have known each other equal to us not being friends. That is mostly his doing. My whole life I have wanted an older brother who would be my buddy. I unfortunately have not had that. My three other older brother are at least seven years older then me and why would they spend time with me when they had other siblings closer to their age to hang with.

So my only option was my immediate older brother to become buddies with, and it never happened in my younger years. He was to cool to show me around. I learned early on that I didn't really want his attention anyway. He was a self serving jerk who was completely void of compassion for his nerdy skill less younger sibling who only wanted one brother out of the many to spend some time with. The nerdy skill less brother that just wanted to be noticed.

Now I, the nerdy skill less brother, am older, I still would like to have a friendship with that jerk brother. I kind of do. We went golfing today with my father-in-law. That jerk brother is no longer a jerk and we had a good time. We plan to go golfing again and I am very happy about that.