Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pictures of the week

I am in cost accounting this semester and I ordered the book on-line. The way I got my book seemed really ironic.
Cost Accounting according to - Cost accounting is the process of tracking, recording and analyzing costs associated with the products or activities of an organization.
Ok, with that in mind look
at these pictures.

Now, the left picture is where I would like to direct your attention. The big brown box on the bottom of the picture is about 18 inches long and 10 inches wide. Keeping in mind that a book is just over 8&1/2 by 11, the box was a bit over kill. So to fill in the space the sender used the foam stuff. Then once you get through the first box and foam there is another box. Open that box and dig through more foam and you find the book. It just didn't look cost efficient to me.

We were at the park on Saturday. We were there at the same time some other families were so we played around them. About fifteen minutes later, the other families got up and left. It was just us and the toys. As we were playing, we found a sand bucket and started to use it to pour sand on things so my daughter could wipe it off as fast as pourd it. After my daughter got tired of playing with me I got the great idea of burying the dolphin just because I could. Here is the evidence of all my hard work. Just after the pictures were taken a car pulled up and we high tailed it out of there.

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