Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almost done with school

I graduated from CSUSM yesterday. This is one of my greatest accomplishments. I have been in college for about eight years. I have changed majors, failed and retaken classes, taken time off for family. I am done with CSUSM, but I still have some lower division classes to finish before getting my diploma. I am doing those at the junior college.

I had plenty of family that came to the graduation ceremony. The only problem is I didn't see anyone there before the ceremony or after. So there isn't much in the ways of pictures to remember the event. Without the help of pictures I want to list off the people that came to support me.

-My wife for makeing it a great day
-Rachel for being three and fun
-The Truman family for coming out from the desert
-My Parents
-Ian and Katy
-Dave and Karen for letting me use their house for the party
-Papa J, Leah, and Mack for coming out from LA
-Jesse and Difudifu and Elizabeth
-Solano family for coming to the party

Here are the people I don't want to thank:

-Wes for not coming to my wedding reception or graduation.
-TC and Beth
-Any friend that I have known for more then ten years that didn't call or come.

Up yours.


Emily said...

I am sure glad to be on the good list. Great job spencer. finishing college is a HUGE accomplishment! We are proud of you. Hey - sorry for not staying until the end, our kids were exhausted and cranky.

Spencer J said...

Emily you are definitely on the good list. You and Tyler have been very good to my family. I apologize for the harsh language you may have seen on the bad list. I wanted to distinguish the difference I felt for those who came and those who didn't. Rest assured that I rarely talk like that.

Alexander & Maria said...

Hey Spencer!!!!

Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment... Best wishes in your future plans... Take care and all the best.

-Alex Lopez