Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yes on California Prop. 8

The roots of a tree are very important. They create a strong base, support the structure, and provides an avenue for nutrient to the tree. When the roots are broken or tampered with, the whole tree will weaken and could die. I feel the roots of society is traditional marriage and family. When marriage is tampered with or altered as has happened in California, society (the tree) becomes weaker.

Traditional family is the backbone of a healthy society and allowing same-sex marriage will hurt this backbone.

Please vote YES on Prop 8 if you can or encourage those that you know in California to vote yes.


Alexander said...

Hey Spencer, can you email me with your phone number whenever you get a chance,

Alex Lopez.

Spencer J said...


I don't have an email for you and I don't want to put my number for the world to see. Email me at my junk email and I will send you me number. freestuffs@sbcglobal.net