Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Traffic Appreciation Day

This time of year yields a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. What are we grateful for? That depends on a person’s environment. For those living in Seattle, a sunny day could harvest these feelings. For those alone, a friendly phone call from a good friend or relative. For me the thing I am most grateful for are the people who travel with me in traffic as I slowly chug away. You my allies on the asphalt, this post is for you.

To the one who thinks that changing lanes will get you to work faster I say, “Keep those blinkers going”. Changing lanes is the best thing for you. You look like you are going a million miles an hour while the rest of us wait patiently for the cars in front of us to make there minutely installment of a foots distance. Even though I catch up to you every five minutes in my slow lane, keep up the good lane changing. I appreciate you.

To those who like to drive and talk on their cell phones I say, “Keep up the jibber jabber”. Never in my life have I minded sharing lanes with you. Having half your car in my lane and the other half in your lane is a moment I cherish. Even though it looks like I am mad at you by making hand jesters. What I am really saying is you are number one. I appreciate you.

To those who eat, drive, and talk on their cell phone I say, “Isn’t that burger good”. What I would give to be on the other end of that phone call. Oh, the joy I would feel to hear you complain about how slow traffic is moving while you were smacking your lips with that burger. All the hate and war mongering in the world would dissipate if everybody in the world received one call like this. To you cell phone food jockey, I appreciate you.

But the thing I appreciate most of all is my scooter. What I meant earlier about slowly chug away is all the cars stopped as I slowly drive between them. As I am getting 80 mpg, all your cars are burning a gallon every five minutes. Scooter I appreciate you.

Happy Thanksgiving

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