Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes on NBC

Heroes is Rad! I love this show. I love to see the heroes use their powers and I love to meet new characters. Heroes is like a wonderfully drawn out beginning of Spider-man one. Watching Peter Parker discover his powers and master them was cool. I maybe over stating my like for this show... oh well. I decided to use my blog as my outlet for analyzing and piecing the puzzle together of what will happen next.

My thoughts are directed towards Peter and Sylar today.

Peter- He is the little brother of Nathan who is running for a political office in New York. He first discovers his powers by dreams portraying him flying. He eventually finds out that he can fly, but only when his brother who is the real flier is around. Long story short, Peter's power is the ability to mimic the powers of those around him. When he is around the invisible guy he is invisible, get it?
OK, so I first thought that Peter's power was only sustained when the other heroes were around, but I was wrong. An invisible guy (Peter also dreamed about) later teams up with Peter and starts to train him. He tells Peter that his ability not only mimics the powers of others when they are near by, but he also absorbs them permanently. He just needs to learn how to use the new powers without them controlling him. There was one scene where a couple of the powers came out at once and he went all weird. The inviso-man knocked Peter out to get him under control.

Not only is Peter's power cool, but it makes him extremely powerful. I am interested in seeing how much Peter can do. I made a list of all the powers I think he currently has.

List- Absorb powers (obvious), fly, regenerate body, telekinetic, understand how things work (Sylar), read minds, invisibility, control time, paint the future, persuade people (I think he met Eden before she died), and if he absorbed all of Sylar's power he can also take bullets and remember everything. If Peter learns how to control these things, he will be off the charts of coolness.

This jackass is Sylar. Man, I hate this guy. Not because he is a bad actor, I hate it when really evil guys go unchecked. He must be doing his job because we are not supposed to like him. Currently he is the most powerful guy in the show because Peter is only learning how to use his powers. This guy goes around stealing other powers by taking off their brain-caps. His power is the ability to understand how things work by just looking at them. So he takes off the brain cap of a hero and looks at their brain leaving them dead. His is a power hungry retard wanting all the powers he can get his hands on. I won't talk about his other powers because I touched on them earlier and he will be dead by the end of the season.

My prediction- Earlier in the show Hiro (the Japanese time controller) came to Peter from the future. Hiro told Peter that he didn't recognize him without his scar (Peter can regenerate so something big must happen later to give him a scar). He also told Peter, "Save the cheerleader, save the world." I am not sure if that means that the cheerleader will save the world or if Peter is to first save the cheerleader and then save the world. I am pretty sure it is the latter. So if the latter is true here is what will happen. Peter was to first save the cheerleader, which he did. Now he can regenerate (thanks to the cheerleader). At the end of the season he will be having a battle royal with Sylar. These two guys will tear and thrash at each other till one or the other is dead. I bet Sylar kills Peter and he will proceed to take off his head. Peter will regenerate back to life, to the surprise of Sylar, and kick the crap out of the hated one. A scar will be on Peter's head due to the beginning process of his head being taken off. If I am wrong about Sylar giving Peter the scar, then my only other thought is the nuke stuff will give him the scar. I really think the nuke stuff is a red herring to the Sylar vs. Peter melee.

That is what I think. Tell me what you think.


Geoff Grove said...

Zzzzzzz, boring!

Spencer J said...

For one thing Geoff, I bet you didn't even read my post and second you probably have never seen the show. So shut your fat yapper until you can prove to me you seen the show. Oh man, you got burned!

Jamie J said...

Hey Geoff, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Oh, burned twice!

Geoff Grove said...

No, I have not seen an episode and that is because I know what will happen. It is a very common premise: a person or people with unknown abilities saving crap like the world or the Universe. Don't believe me, Star Wars. Need additional proof, try Lord of the Rings or any fantasy story, Breakin 2: electric boogaloo, Billy Madison or Swamp Thing.
But heroes is different! Oh, there's a Chinese guy with some stupid ability and another cheerleader who can ..... save the world. What a concept, did a cheer leading coach think up this complex script or a cheerleader's mom. I know it wasn't a cheerleader herself because a cheerleader's brain has capacity of a mollusk. I am so sick of hearing about heroes every time you turn on NBC, you would think that is the only thing on TV. That is what the majority of TV is today, lame, retarded reality TV shows that highlight the greed of humankind, dramatic stories that are repeatedly recycled which makes them bland, sitcoms telling me when to laugh and the occasional show that is genuinely funny or interesting. Majority of shows on TV have some corporate sponsor trying to tell me what I should own or consume while telling me what "all the cool people are watching" (or at least the majority) Watch commercials to new shows and they will say blanket terms as "America's favorite new comedy", or "Wednesday night's number one drama" and crap like that. So who is selling who? Are shows like this on the air because you like them and TV knew it or are you watching them because there is nothing else on? But if Heroes is your thang, its cool man, I can dig bro.

jesse said...

What Geoff is trying to say is that Heroes, although he hasn't seen it, probably follows a format known as "The Heroic Monomyth" which has been followed since the beginning of time. Read the book "The hero with a thousand faces" by Joesph Campbell and you will know the ending to the show. I would guarantee that the writers of the show have read the book as well.

Spencer J said...

Jesse- Jamie just went out and got the book you suggested. She is going to put your suggestion to the test.

Geoff- After reading the first word of your comment I thought, "BORING," and fell asleep. Thanks for your contribution.