Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wii club

This picture is courtesy of Ryan Braman who is an artist for Midway. (Click his name to see more of his work)

A few months ago my wife left me all alone to join her book club that had been meeting for a few months. Shortly after she left something inside me snapped. I wrote about this incident back in October if you want to review it. The result of my break down was the establishment of a video game night the later morphed into Wii night.

The Nintendo Wii came out in November just in time for the Christmas season. I had a few friends looking forward to getting one of these systems but ran into trouble. The lines were long and some people waited over night to get the first ones.

Click here to learn more about the system.

Since the time our game night had become Wii night, we have met two times. The first Wii night was about a month ago. We had a great time playing the free demo games that come with the system. Games like tennis, baseball, golf, and boxing. There was about 5-6 of us playing that night. Last Friday during our second Wii night the only ones in attendance were Ryan B and I. All the others had lame excuses. "I can't come because I got teen-pregnant," or "I have dysentery." You know what guys and hopefully girls (wives of the guys), whatever!! With you not there gives me more Wii time.

I hope the next Wii night has more people.

That means you:
Matt C
Mike W
Geoff G
Danny P
Benny P

And bring other with you.

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Bra-man said...

Thanks for coming to Wii club that night.

We qwned Metal Slug. (and Golden Axe.)