Saturday, March 03, 2007

Elder's Quorum Presidency Meetings -The Best in the World

Those who have been involved in any leadership position in the LDS church will know what I mean when I say the meetings can be boring. They often take place at the church building in small rooms filled with men odor. Some of the guys in my meetings can be real ripe because of their large stature (i.e. fat). The amount of people attending depends on the organization. If it was the ward mission meeting then the only ones in attendance would be the mission leader and the full-time missionaries. There might be one or two ward missionaries out of ten attending also. I was a ward missionary for five years in three different wards, so I can say this stuff with experience.

I am currently a secretary in the elder's quorum and I love the meetings we are now having. I want to emphasise the word "now" because the ward meets at 1:00 pm and this provides great opportunities. I will explain; last year we had church from 11:00 to 2:00. The president would have PEC before church and we would have presidency meeting after church. Our presidency meeting would be right at the time we were most tired and hungry. The spirit would be at the meetings, but in the back of every one's mind would be the hope that the meeting would be over soon. It also didn't help that many of us had a wife and children waiting usually out in the hallway.

So like I said we now have church at 1:00, getting us out at 4:00 which makes it harder to have a meeting after church because by the time we would get home dinner would be eaten, and the wife would be mad because we were at a meeting so late. Now our meeting are in the morning to avoid the after church problems.

When I learned that we were going to have morning meetings instead of afternoon meetings and that they were going to be at a presidency member's house, I got way excited. The first thought I had was "We could have brunch at whoever's house we were at." I am the type of person who has no problem saying what I think I mentioned it at the next meeting and the one after that. I didn't really think the other guys were going to start a brunch tradition, yet I hoped they would. I thought the best way to start having food at the meetings was to be the first one to provide food by having the meeting at my place. Apparently I didn't need to do that because when we had our meeting at Matt B's house his wife made great muffins. The next week we had a manly breakfast made of chopped up potatoes with eggs on top cooked in a dutch oven. And last week we had a dope Angel food cake with some sugary goo on top.

I am a sinner for saying this, but I am sad it is fast Sunday this week. I guess all good things must stop for a greater good. We will just skip the food thing for a week, no biggy.

Pres. sent this e-mail to all in the presidency today:

Due to probable changes that may occur with the assistant secretaries, we will just meet as usual this Sunday over at Matt C's place at 9:30 am. It is fast Sunday so don't everybody get their hopes up for a nice snack (sob sob). See you then.

I can't wait for next week.

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