Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our trip to the deseret donation trailer

We went over to the Stake Center to drop off our donation clothing and supplies. When we got there we noticed a large amount of cars on the street and in the parking lot. As we got closer we saw the fire station next door was having an open house. We had nothing else to do so we joined the party. About a half hour after we got there the demolition squad did a demo of how they get people out of cars after a crash. Here are some pictures. They are taken with my phone so quality went straight down the toilet.

The poor car before the demo.

This is after they sawed off one door and jaws-of-life'ed the other door. Once they had both doors off, they cut the pillars and bent the roof back. This is done in cases where they need to lift the person up.

This device is used if they need to push the dash away from people inside.

Where can I get a car like this?

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