Monday, July 21, 2008

Private Hour Golf Lesson

Over the last six months I have grown a love for the game of golf. I have been playing with my older brother and have enjoyed the time we spend together. We both enjoy the game and the practice. We both suck and feel good about it.

Improvement is one of my goals. I found out through some of my friends that the Carlsbad Golf Center has group lessons plus a bucket of balls for $20. I thought the group lesson will be a good place to learn some tips and not have to spend a lot of money.

Saturday morning came around and I was waiting for my brother to show up so we could get to the lesson on time. When time was getting short I called me bro. He said that he wasn't going to make it because someone chopped off his catalytic converter from under his 4Runner.

Well, I was on my own. I jetted to the golf center and made it in time. I signed up for the drop-in lesson and got my bucket of balls. Waiting outside I say people come and go, but no one was waiting for the lesson. I thought "maybe I am waiting in the wrong area. But the lady at the desk told me to wait here." So I waited for a few minutes. When 11:00 arrived, a gentlemen named Paul introduced himself to me. He told me that he was the teacher and that we were going to start. I was the only one in the class. So the lesson started.

When the lesson was over, I received the equivalent of a private lesson from a member of the PGA tour for twenty bucks. He was very down to earth and his instruction was clear and easy to remember. We worked on putting for about a half hour and then irons and woods for about forty minutes. I could see a real difference in my iron hits. I even found the answer to how hit the ball straight instead of to the right like I normally do. I was very happy with the results of the lesson.

If it works out, Wes and I will be hitting up Oceanside Muni course. It isn't a pretty course, but it is inexpensive and we get a cart. Plus it is long and I will be getting a new driver from the Taylormade company store. I need a long course to put my driver to the test. The only reason I can get a driver at the company store is because I have a friend that is an engineer there. Nice to have friends in high places.

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