Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bingo Night

Our complex has a bingo night for the residence. Not many people show up which is fine because there if more food and prizes for my family. There are 10 rounds and each person gets a bingo pad. Even my daughter got one and she is three. Guess what happened in the second round...

I got this!

Oh yeah!! I am going to get my cleaning on. I also won this.

Life is good.


Alexander said...

Hey Spencer,

That is cool, You must live in an awesome & cool complex. Its been a long while but I was playing on-line and found your blog. Hope you are doing well...Congratulations on graduating!!!!!!!! I just graduated as well this past December!!!! wohoooo... hoping to get to grad school this fall.... well its cool to see that you are doing well. By the way, would you recommend your apt complex. My wife and I are looking around and thinking of possibly leaving where were at.. Alrighty, best wishes with everything and take care

Spencer J said...

Sup Alex,

I do like our apartment complex. It is affordable housing so you can't more than a certain amount to get in. And it takes months to get in. Worth the try.