Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The great evil one has struck back. She is angry about me exposing her sinister plan and has hit where she has the most power… my brother Ian. I said in my last post that she can get power over the minds of those she gets trinkets from. There is no one else she has more trinkets from then Ian. Ian and the one went to a bon fire last night at the beach. She sent Ian into a trance making him think he got transported to a world of candy. There were lollipop trees and chocolate fountains everywhere. Just in front of him was a huge bowl of ice cream with a sign next to it that read, “Jump in, the ice cream is nice.” On the edge of the bowl was a diving board. Ian made a quick sprint and jumped right in. The bowl of ice cream was really the fire. Landing on the fire caused Ian to come out of the trance and he quickly jumped out. He sustained 2nd degree burns on his feet, but other wise he is well. The dirty fart that did this to Ian will pay dearly.

He really tried to jump over the fire and slipped, but that doesn’t make a good story.

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Shawn Dowler said...

It amazes me how often I hear about people jumping into fire rings and getting the bottoms of their feet badly burned. I guess I could understand though if people are doing it thinking it's gonna score them some chocolaty goodness.

Just because your version is unlikely and far-fetched doesn't necessarily mean that's not how it went down.