Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Elder's Quorum, the most unsocial place on earth revisited

Where do I start? If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may recollect a post titled Elder’s Quorum: The most-unsocial place on earth. Since I wrote that post there have been some changes in my perspective and some change attempts in the quorum.

First, my perspective-- I believe the core social problems still exist in my quorum; it is still one of the most-unsocial places. My perspective has changed though. The quorum is only as unsocial as one makes it. For instance, I now try to talk to those who are in my general vicinity before the lesson starts. When new people are being introduced, I say welcome to them when I can. I also make comments during the lesson to give the teacher a sign that not everyone is asleep. Many of the elders sit with their heads down or they look straight ahead into oblivion. I used to teach elder’s quorum and it is like pulling teeth to get group participation so I try to help the teacher where I can. Therefore, my quorum is still the same, yet my perspective has changed because I have changed how I interact with others.

Now keep in mind that I am the kind of person who likes to know the people sitting around me whether I talk to them or not. And not knowing anyone inspired my previously mentioned post. Not everyone wants to know who is around him or her as I do, but no one wants to be alone in a sea of people, especially at church. If they did, they would not come to the quorum in the first place. Therefore, my quorum is still the most-unsocial place on earth for others but I have found a bit of social action in a barren wasteland.

As a side note, I have to mention that we also do not have any activities for the guys. It seems to be an unwritten law that if the elders got together for some activity with out their spouse and family it is unacceptable because we should be home helping. I am tired of hearing things like, “Brothers, please do your best to help the Sisters be available for (fill in this space with an activity) on Tuesday”. Just once, I want to hear the Relief Society say, “Sisters please do your best to help the Brothers be free for Thursday night (fill in this space with an activity)”. The Sisters in my ward have a book club and a recipe night. This is a double standard and I do not like it. To address this problem we’ve had two video game nights in the last month at my friend Mike’s house. Mike has almost every system under the sun. He has Nintendo, Game cube, Atari, X-box, and a few more.

Ok, now the second part of the change I have seen. There have been three attempts by a member of the presidency to get the elders to sit closer to each other. The first was right after my first post. One of my readers tipped off the Pres. to my post and the Pres. had the elders sit together for that one Sunday. The second was by one of his counselors after I mentioned to him in passing as to how unsocial the quorum is. The third was by another counselor who had the great idea of dividing the already divided quorum (figuratively and physically) into two groups to play a game. The rules were each team competed against each other to answer a scripture question. If your team won, you got to stay in your seat and the other team had to get up and sit on your side (we meet in the gym so we are spread out).

These attempts are great and I hope that a member of the presidency makes it their mission to bring the brethren together. This mission would need to be much broader then getting the elders to sit together. That is one tool but it is not the all in all. This mission should be the drive to build brotherhood among the elders. Brotherhood translates to a more spiritual group which makes better individuals.

I do not mean to sound negative about my quorum. I love my friendship with my brothers from other mothers. I also really love video game night. MORE MONKEY BALL PLEASE!
Mike W.!!! when is the next video game night?
Shawn D!! When are you getting your Wii?
Matt C.!! good luck in getting the quorum in order.


Just an Idea said...

Dude, it sounds like it sucks

Bra-man said...

When is the next game night?

I had to pass on the last one because my wife had an activities committee meeting.

I am headed to EB tomrrow to reserve a Wii! Yay!

Spencer J said...

Just an Idea: The feeling I had in the quorum did suck at first. I didn't like the feeling of isolation. As I got to know others things got better. One being the bra-man.

Bra-man: I don't know when the next game night is. I haven’t seen any one for two weeks. I think it will be after next week when the temple project is over. Also, I don't know if the Wiis can connect together, but if they can we should hook yours and Shawn D's up for some crazy game action.

Russ J said...

Our EQP made that one of his main goals when we were called. Here is the key: make sure the best teachers are teaching. If the flock is well fed they will return to the troph.

We spend the first ten minute joking around and teasing each other. It's a blast.

Connor said...

Yeah, I think the EQ lives and dies on its teachers. When you have the ones that simply read every single paragraph from the manual/lesson, people naturally start falling asleep...

Spencer J said...

Russ and Conner:
You both make very good points of which I concur. I remember when Jon Melville taught EQ in the Pomerado branch back in the day. I loved going to class because he was a great teacher. We also had a tight quourm.

Shawn Dowler said...

I'm down with getting them hooked up. The hardest thing will be two TVs. TVs are heavy. Now, if we can ind someone with two TVs in one house, that would be optimal. Another thing with the Wii is going to be controller availability. I think they cost about $40 apiece, so I'm only buying one extra with my system. That means we will probably only have enough for 4 at once anyway :(

I think the EQ is getting better. We just have SO MANY people. It's just plain harder to get 70 people to know each other well than it is 25 or 30.

Glad to see the drought it over! I think it's weird that I didn't see you post with the Ninja video until after I had posted mine. Ninjas truly are awesome.

(end of chapter-long post)

Jamie J said...

Well now that you are a secretary you have great pull in what happens in the EQ. Think of fun team-building activites that will bond your EQ together!