Sunday, October 29, 2006

How I remembered to pick up packing tape

I few weeks ago I was sitting at a stop light waiting to make a left turn. While sitting on my scooter at this extremely long light (San Marcos Blvd and Rancho Santa Fe Rd for those who know San Marcos CA) I glanced over at a car to my left. It looked to me like there was a grandma with her grandchild in the car. The child looked to be about the age of my daughter who will be two in December. I started to think about how cute the kid was just sitting in that car seat with their limbs flaring. Then I thought how weird it would be if that was my kid in the car with that lady. I thought, “What if someone had kidnapped my kid and I was sitting on my scooter next to the person who did it? What would I do?” I would drop my kickstand, open the door, and jump in. I would do that in case the driver punched the gas in an attempt to get away. Then I would proceed to pummel the driver and take control of the car. I have a helmet on my head, so I would venture to say I would head butt the driver.

I then started to think about Rachel being taken and Jamie trying to contact me while I was in class or on my scooter. I mute my phone in class and there is no way I will hear my phone while riding. Then I thought about how I normally check my phone after class and how I did not do it today after I left class. What if Jamie did call me about someone taking my daughter and this was my daughter in the car next to me? That would be weird, so I moved up a few feet to see the kid. It wasn’t mine.

Then I changed my thought to other questions. What if Jamie called to see if I could pick up something on my way home? Then I remembered that I asked Jamie to leave me a message as a reminder to pick up some packing tape on my way home.

Oh, crap! I need to get some packing tape… Oh, crap! The light just turned green. Their happened to be an Albertson’s just 300 ft away. After making the turn, I pulled into the shopping center and got gas and packing tape.

It is funny that a thought about my daughter being kidnapped could lead me to remembering to pick up packing tape. I looked at my phone when I parked and there was the text message I asked for.


Geoff Grove said...

What I do is pin a note to my shirt and tie and piece of yarn to my eyelash. There is no way I could forget to look at my shirt after blinking like a damn fool and blowing trying to get the yarn out of my mouth. Then the note would say "take off your shirt", so I would. And lo and behold I look in the mirror of the bathroom (because where else am I going to take off my shirts and show my hairy chest off) and there is a homemade tattoo giving me a to do list written backwards so I can read it in the mirror.
Then I go to look for John G.

Spencer J said...

If you are leaving messages for yourself on your chest you can save yourself a lot by not tattooing messages. Just shave messages in your chest hair. It works for me.