Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scooter Vs Car

Back in 2000, I got my first real car. A real car- one that is purchased and paid for by the owner, not one received from parents or grandparents because it sucks. It was a 1996 Acura Integra SE. The SE model has an upgraded suspension, but not the top engine. I got it for a great price with all the modification I could ever ask for. It was lowered about an inch and had a catback exhaust system. There was a high flow intake system and a short throw shifter kit. In addition, I installed headers and an MSD ignition system.
This car was fun to drive. The exhaust was loud and the car seemed fast (it wasn’t really).

I drove that beast 50000 in the four years I owned it. In 2004, I sold my beloved car for a vehicle that was more economical; I got a scooter, a Yamaha Vino 125 to be exact. I purchased the scooter 26 months ago and it will have 9000 miles soon. The mileage may communicate that I don’t drive it much, but on the contrary, it is my primary mode of transportation.

Recently I have been thinking about the contrast between these vehicles and have wondered how much I have saved by owning the scooter. Therefore, I came up with this list of differences and some stat on cost.

Vehicle Passenger Capacity:
Integra: Four seats (comfortably with adults in the front seats)
Vino: Two passengers (one if you want to keep up the speed)

Top Speed-
Integra: 128 MPH (on the way to Vegas)
Vino: 55 (down hill with the help of wind)

Fuel Capacity-
Integra: 13.1 gallons
Vino: 1.093 gallons

Average MPG-
Integra: 25
Vino: 75

Insurance for Six Months-
Integra: $512
Vino: $88

Integra: No problem
Vino: Only if you are stupid (not legal either)

Engine Size-
Integra: 1.8 Liter or 1800cc
Vino: 0.125 Liter or 125cc

Integra: Five speed manual
Vino: One speed auto

Integra: Yes
Vino: Forget about it

Fun to Drive-
Integra: High
Vino: Cold day-Low
Warm day-Point A to B (higher then cold day)
Hot day- Driving down the 101, Glorious

Stats over two year period, 9000 miles driven

Integra: $512*4 = $2048
Vino: $88*4 = $352

Gas at $2.50-
Integra: 9000/25 = 360 gallons, 360*2.50 = $900 in gas
Vino: 9000/75 = 120 gallons, 120*2.5 = $300 in gas

Geoff G you know you want a scooter too!


MaKri said...

I want a scooter as well, but see anytime I bring up the possibility of a scooter or a "bike" my wife promptly says no, I like you better alive than an insurance settlement. Do you drive that thing all the way to school????

Spencer J said...

--The mileage may communicate that I don’t drive it much, but on the contrary, it is my primary mode of transportation.--

Makri- I drive that thing everywhere.

Jamie J said...

marki, I was not super sold on the scooter at first but now it's such a part of our family that it would be weird without it. I feel better knowing he's not going 80 miles an hour down a freeway...heck he's not even going 50 most of the time!

Geoff Grove said...

Heck Yes! I am gonna goad my wife until she caves to the pressure (whining). Tell Jamie that I would appreciate a pleasant conversation with my wife so she will be more inclined to acquiesce. There's always crying though.