Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Freedom Grillz

On my way to Thanksgiving out in Arizona, I noticed this thing on the road. From far away I assumed it was an electric wheel chair on the back of a ghettoed out truck. As I got closer it was apparent there were no wheels on the thing. Then it came to me, "That's a BBQ on the back of that truck" I said to my passengers. So we weaved though traffic the best we could to get a picture of the Freedom Grill. The name is on the bottom swivel arm.

I am not sure if this grill is cool or retarded. All I know is if I ever want to grill any where at anytime, I know what to buy. I wonder if there are any Freedom Grills built for scooters. Scooter Grill!!


Anonymous said...

Answer - that thing rocks and cooks up a storm!

Spencer J said...

Thanks for the comment Anony. A few years ago a few friends and I went to the local drag races with my BBQ. We had a great time grilling up steaks and burgers while watching the races. The only problem was strapping the grill to the truck. If I had a freedom grill life would have been so much easier

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!

I need to get one for the desert and trips to the river!!

Spencer J said...

I found something interesting tonight as I was looking over my site meter. This morning around the same time Anony commented a strange url address showed up. The address had the name Freedom Grill attached to it.

Could Anony really be a person that works at Freedom Grill who posts comments to promote there cause? No, they wouldn't do that. Or would they?