Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spencer's Blog Roll

I am home from church today taking care of my daughter who has had "diarrhea since easters".With all this time on my hands, I decided to take care of some needed blog work.

My Bro Russ (Zepto Blog guy) has made a blog roll for me. This blog roll gives me a single place where I can get all the latest info on my favorite blogs. I can see the most recent posts and comments on one page. Those of you who were in my links section that find you have been erased please don't think I dumped you out of dislike. I just moved you to my blog roll. Check it out. Especially you Shawn D, Matt C, Ryan B, Jamie J, Connor B, and G&K J.


Jamie J said...

I want to have a blogroll too!! Please, please?? You are so popular. You get everything.

connor said...

I'd ask for the link (since you apparently forgot to include it in your post!) but I already found it by looking at my analytics and wondering what the heck was.. :)

Spencer J said...

Now Connor, why would I need to insert a link when it's already my only link on the link list? I like to us the word link.