Sunday, March 02, 2008

MagicJack (Unlimted calls for $1.66 a month)

Like I said about a month ago we cut our land line. I don't think it could have come at a more inconveient time. Shortly after we cut the cord, I started a school project that requied me to call internationaly. I could get a calling card, but the calls would still eat up my cell minutes. I remembered listening to Leo Laporte the Tech Guy's podcast where a guest was talking about a device called a magicjack.

It works like Vonage and other VoIP companies that give phone service over the broadband conection. This device is a little diffeent. What you see in the pictuer is all that comes. No phone and no router. Just a USB like drive that plugs into your computer with a phone jack on the back. It costs $40 butts and it gives you a year of unlimited domestic calls plus Canada. For additional service the cost is $20 butts a year.

I have had it for two weeks and it works fine. The sound quality is good and the set up was easy. Once I pluged it in, the program preloaded on the device starts the 10 minute regristration process. In the end you get a phone number and unlimited calls for about $1.66 a month compared to $25 from Vonage. Also you can take the device with you on trips as long as you have a computer, phone, and a broadband connection.

Now there are a few downsides. It only works if your computer is on. Also if you have your computer sound on mute then no sound can be heard through you phone. On a scale of one to ten the sound quality is about a 6.978549. I am willing to deal will a little fuzz when it costs $1.66 a month for unlimited calls.

It comes with call id, call waiting, and a voicemail. Calls go directly to voicemail when the computer is off. You can get your messages from any phone. If you wanted, you could use it just for a voicemail service.I like the thing and other reveiws I have read have given it great praise. Check it out at

Last of all, my biggest fear is that the company is not pricing the device high enough to cover costs. One day I may try to make a call and nothing happens. A few days later I may hear the company went out of business. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

I bought mine locally at a store in Chula Vista at 1324 3rd Ave...So far so good.

Spencer J said...

I have been using it more recently to conserve on my cell minutes. I have heard no complaints of an echo or a delay. It is working great.