Sunday, March 02, 2008

San Diego International Car Show (Trunkfest 2008)

I have been going to this show for over ten years. Here are some photos.

We had the guys at MB open the trunk just for this picture and the one below.

Peek a Boo

This rim is 26 inches. Almost taller than my Rachel.

This is the bonnet of a Porsche Cayman. We had about twenty people watching as we closed the lid on this kid. It closed all the way. He opened it with the glowing release leaver. We had a bystanders ask how we opened it. He was not aware that all new cars had a open leaver in the trunk just for times like this.

This is my dream car (for now). The 2009 Nissan Slyline GTR. I have been waiting for ten years for this to come to America.

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