Saturday, June 02, 2007

A New Blog

A buddy of mine has started his own blog. We will call him Brandon G to protect his identity. I have known him since my sophomore year in high school, about twelve years ago. He served in the second best mission in the world and is living in my ward. Or I am living in his ward...whatever. The site is or click here to go to the site. If you read his second post, you will see how full of himself he is. I don't think a person can like two things at the same time, but he claims to like over fifteen things. Preposterous!
We will see if he is serious about blogging as time goes by. My bro-in-law lasted all of one post, and my buddy Geoff G lasted two posts. If Brandon G can last up to five posts, I will be very proud of him. He is bigger then me, so I hope he doesn't read this or I am sure he will pummel me.


Brandon said...

Hey DorkFace, I'm coming to get you. No seriously, I made it to 5 posts, I must be even more awesome than you originally thought. In fact, not only do I like a preposterous number of things, I am also awesome in a preposterous number of ways. For example, I know how to solve a rubik's cube (while reading a cheat sheet), I can jump really high, I have seen you with really long hair, I can name all fifty United States in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds and coolest of all, I married a hot woman. So basically, just coolness all around.

Spencer J said...

Ok, you have five posts. Lets see if you can go over that. I still you can't like more then one thing at a time. Preposterous I say!