Saturday, June 09, 2007

Boy Scout Pledge.

About three months at church, a member of the bishopric stood up in priesthood and made an announcement. He spoke about the Friends of Scouting program. This program is very simple. Once a year, the scouts ask all their would be friends to give money to support there dubious activities. During the announcement I thought, "I am going to fill this out because if I don't Jamie will got on me". I took a pledge form and filled it out for a million dollars (I am not going to tell you my real donation amount, I am not a donate and tell). So like I said, that was a few months ago. So yesterday, we get in the mail the donation form to send in with the money I pledged. And to my surprise Jamie said "This is the forth time they have sent us this. I am not giving them money when we can't pay our own bills".

Well, it goes to show that when one tries to anticipate what his wife wants done, the wrong option is picked. I guess I have to pay this pledge with my iPhone money. I made the pledge and I plan on keeping my commitment.

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