Saturday, June 09, 2007

Friends on the Road.

I nearly never see people I know in the road. Driving a scooter requires all my attention not allowing me the pleasure of staring people down while driving. I actualy don't stare because I hate it when others do it. Just keep you eyes on the road and stop looking at me you freaks... Well anyway, while driving to work on Wednesday I saw a green Civic in front of me. The person waved at me, so I pulled up next to him. It was Brock S. I talked to him for a second waiting for the light to turn green. I thought that was a once in a blue moon thing (there was a blue moon on May 31 by the way). On Thursday the blue moon came back. Again, while going to work just after pulling out of my complex, I was driving and a truck pulled up in my left and honked. Inside was my friend CJ. Crazy eh!

FYI, I am breaking my one sponsored post a day rule now because I need to pay for the boy scout pledge. Breaking it just this once though. The rule is subject to change at any time.

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