Friday, June 08, 2007


Besides being addicted to technology, I am addicted to good Japanese cartoons. About 12 years ago I was first introduced to Dragonball. I don't know how I first stumbled across it, but I grew to love it. I love DB because it was funny and different. There were scenes of the Goku peeing in the background and other goofy things. I didn't care for the peeing specifically, I was interested in the different style of making a cartoon that the Japanese had. You would never find something like a character peeing in an American cartoon. My favorite part thought is the fighting. I am a sucker for a good fight scene. So, naturally I was ecstatic to find out about Dragon Ball Z. This show is all about fighting. So, I watched episodes when ever I could. Well, fast forward to now. My current favorite cartoon is Naruto. I found it on Youtube. I first started to notice it as I was looking through the most watched videos. There would be Naruto clips, but I wouldn't watch them because they weren't in English. One day, I decided to watch a clip and I found it interesting. This was a few months ago. So, two weeks ago I had some free time, so I looked Naruto up and watched the first few episodes. Now I am hooked and I can watch all the episodes I want on-line. I love the internet. Click here to see the first 89 episodes.

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