Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How can I kick it with a famous person?

Not many of us will have the chance to meet a celebrity. When I was in the San Diego airport my wife saw Tony Gwynn, so that is the closest I have been to a famous person. There is a celebrity named Mirelly Taylor who was on the show Punk'd and other shows who is the focus of a contest for the average Joe to take her on a date. This is an interesting premiums because not many people get to hang with the famous nor take a famous person on a date for that fact. The job of the average Joe to win this chance is done through a video entrance contest. The videos are just a few minutes long and if you win Ms. Taylor will be your new friend for the night. One of the videos (look below) features a guy stuck in the 90's. It just makes me want to put on my hammer pants and dance the night away. You can see the Free videos at GoFish.com and watch the rest of the entered videos and vote for your favorites. Some are good and some are not. But it is fun to see the creativity of some of these people. Who knows, you might win the date. I won't be submitting a video because I am married and it would be a little weird if I did win. You know what I mean.

Here is one of the contestants videos.


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