Monday, May 28, 2007

PPP Direct Launches

I have been posting for Pay Per Post for the last month and a half. I can't say my posts are anything to be proud of gramaticly, but I am glad that PPP provides me an easy way to make money on the side while taking up little time. As many of my readers know I am saving up for the iPhone and PPP has helped a lot. You may have noticed the "Review my post" at the bottom of some of my PPP posts. This is a way to get others to sign up for PPP and I get a cut of the action. Now Pay Per Post has another tool to make me money. The program is called Direct Launches. The process is I put a perminent add on my blog inviting people to advertise on my site. I set a price and companies who pick me can advertise on my site. I get about 90% of the money and all are happy. The only problem I have is I seriously doubt that anyone would want to advertise on my site. I should try it though. If you like blogging, you should check out Pay Per Post.

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