Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am not alone!!

Today during Sunday school, I was in the clerk's office at church entering in data for April's hometeaching. While entering the data many people came in and out of the office. The clerks and a member of the bishopric were around talking about different topics. Somewhere in the conversation Will T (Bishop counselor) said, "Guess what will be my next cell phone. The new iPhone!" I immediately looked up and at him and with excitement said, "I don't have all the money yet, but I am getting it too." We gave each other a high five. I am so excited to know of someone else who will get one. I know the phone is all the hype and those who have had the privilege of using one have said it lives up to the hype. I am just worried the price will keep loads of people away and I will be a solitary man with an expensive phone. I just hope the iPhone won't be hard to get. We will see.

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