Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Things I Remember

Two days ago I was getting some lunch for my daughter. I think I was making a sandwich for her and I saw the tortillas. All the sudden a memory came back to me about what I use to put on tortillas as a kid. I haven't thought of this for about ten years, so I don't even know what brought the thought to me. When I was a kid, I was a picky eater. So some foods would be my staples. One of them was to put butter on a tortilla, roll it up , and eat it with just butter. I remember it tasting good at the time, but now it sounds gross. I think I will make one today just for old times sake.


Anonymous said...

Either you're not wierd, or I am wierd too. I used to eat tortillas with butter also. But they had to be corn tortillas, flour would've been just wierd. Let me know how it goes, maybe we can have a butter tortilla party sometime.

Spencer J said...

I guess I am weird because it was always flower tortillas. I have never been a fan of corn tortillas. I am down with having a party for a stupid reason. Butter on tortillas is stupid enough for me.

Dan said...

I used to spread butter on a tortilla and then microwave it. I loved it.
Iguana's a Taqueria here in San Jose heats up a tortilla and wraps it around a thick pat of butter, sells for about a dollar.