Monday, May 28, 2007


When I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ in Canada, I was taught to invite people to come to Christ by listening to our message and praying about its truthfulness. I loved that we were inviting people because no one want to be forced, nor could I force then. No one is forced into heaven and no one must come to Christ if they don't want to. Now people will pay the consequences if they choose not to come to him, but still, that is the choice of the individual.

With the thought of invitations in mind, I have been wondering how I could apply it to other aspects of my life. One kind of application came to me yesterday when I was home. Jamie said, "I sure hope someone decides to do some service by bringing us some cookies. I really want some." When she said that I replied, "I will call your visiting teacher right now and invite her to do you that service." I called, but no one answered. It occurred to me at that moment of light-heartedness (NO, not light minded) that I could use these invitations more often. For example- Brandon G, I invite you to bring me some cookies next week at church. If he doesn't bring them, then I will assume that he forgot or he didn't except my invitation. No harm, no fowl. I also invite all who read this to give me a dollar next time you see me. I will put it in my iPhone fund. I love invites.

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